Book Hangover?

Do you ever don’t feel like reading? I’m sitting on my bed, sort of watching TV (Married to Medicine was insane for a 1st season!) and realized that I don’t really feel like reading tonight. I pushed through Lone Wolf because I really wanted to read Ellison’s story. But now I’m just…blah.

I’m going to blame it on Sookie. So would I call this Sookieitis? This feels all sorts of wrong! I need to get over this, there are books that need reading (I’m like 1 book away from hoarder status when it comes to my bedroom…it’s UNREAL).  I’ve even let a few book loans expire. How sad is that?

Does this happen to you after a big let down?  I almost want to cleanse my reading palette with something different. What that different is, I don’t know. Hhmmphf!


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