Summah, Summah, Summah Time!!

Now read that title with the tune of ‘Summer Time’ by Will Smith and you are now welcome (I just KNOW it’s stuck in your head).

I have been trying to keep up my reading pace this summer, with 4 kids in activities that is no small feat. But I AM getting it done. I have finished up the October Daye Series since my last post, I’ve read the 2 books in the Ripple Creek Werewolves Series by Keri Arthur, read the final book in the Jane True Series, and I just finished today Tiger Magic by Jennifer Ashley. I have many many many book reviews to write, but just no time to write them. I WILL get to them though.

I’ve started Obsession by Jennifer Armentrout *squeals like a 14 yr old who just spotted Justin Bieber!!* I have been waiting to get to this book and I finally did!!

I hope everybody had a wonderful July 4th and enjoying the summer days and nights.

Take care!!



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