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Deziree Davanzatti is a thief by trade and to keep herself occupied between jobs she owns and operates Onyx, a trendy nightclub for the supernatural citizens of New Your City.
What else would a 400-something yr old demon-human hybrid do with her spare time?
Following a drunken night of questionable decisions, the vampire Michael “Vegas” Tremayne leaves town with no explanation. Dez is left wondering if they made a mistake and if it cost her a price she wasn’t willing to pay – her best friend and confidant.
When he returns after two weeks of no contact, he comes bearing grave news that could potentially change the world forever….or end it all together. To make matters worse, they suspect that someone they know may be behind it all.
An extremely dangerous chain of events has been set in motion and it is up to Dez and Vegas, with the help of his brother Lucas, to find a way to stop it.

From the author of Burning, the short story prequel, comes The Devil You Know, the first full length novel in the Demon Legacy series by J.M. Gregoire.

I am thrilled to be part of this virtual blog tour for The Devil You Know by J.M. Gregoire! I started reading and I couldn’t put this down. Just wasn’t possible. It was love at first use of the word bibliophile.  And as many of you know, having 4 kids makes it difficult to find the time to read anything…let alone devour something in 1 sitting. So you just know it was THAT GOOD.

The Devil You Know is the first book of the Demon Legacy Series. Many of my friends know that I have a hard time liking the first book of any series because it’s just too much setting up for the rest of the series. Gregoire manages to do that AND keep me turning page after page because I had to know what was going on. Once the action started it just didn’t stop.  This was an AMAZING first book to this series and I can’t wait to see what book 2 holds in store for us. I’m addicted.

The characters have depth of emotion and I was able to connect to them. You can tell that there is a lot of caring and love that is between these beings. Dez is my favorite type of heroine, she’s kick ass and not afraid to apologize when she’s wrong. Plus she loves guns…how hot is that? Vegas is the perfect alpha male for this story, hot, independent and guess what?! He can apologize when he is wrong too! He trust Dez and Lucas and doesn’t have to be the one to jump into the fray. I love men like that. Lucas is no slouch either. 🙂 So much happens in this book that I don’t want to say too much to spoil anything, but globe trotting to save the world, sacrifices, love, loss, snarkiness…it has it all.

I had to share this tid bit because not only do they kick ass, they are snarky and funny on top of that.

Michael and Lucas returned to Deziree’s apartment and found her sitting on the couch, cradling a box of bullets. She was loading her black and silver Heckler and Koch USP 45.”Most girls spend their time doing girly things like painting their toenails,” Lucas said. “Yours cuddles with ammunition and firearms.”

I LOVED that and it had me laughing out loud, because, well…that’s just awesome 😀

The action was fast paced, the flow of the book was spot on and the plot has readers hooked from the get go. Definitely a 5 star read.

Make sure that you pick this gem up and make sure to follow the virtual blog tour, a few other sites will be having giveaways!

About the Author
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J.M. Gregoire was born and raised in New Hampshire, USA and despite her abhorrence for any season that dares to drop to a temperature below seventy degrees, she still currently resides there with her two children and her two cats. Always a passionate reader, her love of urban fantasy books eventually morphed into a love of writing them. She is currently working on the Demon Legacy series and has an urban fantasy thriller project coming up that will be co-written with one of her best friends and favorite authors, Ginny Lurcock.

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