Fifty Shades of Grey

Have I read the books? I have. Do I think they are literary works of absolute genius? Nope. I am a Twilight fan (waves that geek freak flag high and proud), I took the books at what they were…entertainment. Hearing that there was something written based on the Twilight books but with adult characters piqued my interest. My friends were already reading the books, so I waited patiently to borrow the books. There was a ridiculous waiting list at the library for these books. I wasn’t about to wait that long.

I get my hands on the books, my friends seemed to really enjoy them, so I’m excited. I read them and they are ok. I’ve read better. There wasn’t much to the plot for me. I don’t mind reading more racy books, but there has to be a solid plot. If you can’t take away the sex and still have a solid story then it will lose my interest very quickly.

The redeeming qualities of the books was the journey the two main characters took. You got to watch these 2 people grow. Christian learning to love and accept love and Ana coming into her own, not being a doormat any longer. That was interesting to watch unfold.

Now to where I have been getting peeved about. I’m on FB, more than I probably should be. My newsfeed is filled with either “OH MY GOSH!!!! 50 SHADES OF GREY IS THE BEST EVER!!!” or “50 Shades is ruining marriages” “That trashy movie is promoting rape and abuse” I respect people’s opinions and I know that generally…people won’t be respecting mine. I’ve kept quiet about the books and the movie. What is getting me so angry is that no where in these books is there rape. There are sexual acts that are performed between consenting adults. CONSENTING. By definition…that’s not rape. Is the relationship between Christian and Ana a shining example of a healthy relationship? Absolutely not. Nor does it depict the BDSM lifestyle well at all. What people fail to understand, the submissive in these relationships really hold all of the power. Yes they submit to their dominant when it comes to their bedroom activities. But they decide when it ends, what they are comfortable with, what will NOT be tolerated at all. That doesn’t sound like a doormat to me, that doesn’t sound like a person with NO power. People sitting there all high and mighty saying that pretty much anything besides one sex position is degrading and no mentally healthy person would subject themselves to any of what is depicted in the book. Guess what? They do, all the time. Many have zero issues. Many attend your church, teach your children, bag your groceries and perform your check ups in the clinic. When it is between two people who care for each other deeply and makes them happy….how can we sit there and judge them? We can’t.

I admit that maybe I’m a bit biased since I read quite a bit of these sorts of books. Do I struggle with seeing the posts saying that no good Christian could find enjoyment out of them…yup I do. Romance readers already face a stigma of the genre of books they love. Throw in books that have BDSM and it just adds another layer of the judgment. I have people who I consider friends who write these types of books (romance erotica) and they are good people. They aren’t some devil worshipers. They have families, some attend church, they are just great people who I enjoy interacting with on a pretty regular basis.  I’m a Christian. I feel pretty solid in where I am in my faith even though I read romance. If people want to judge me, that’s fine. They are just weeding my garden of friends for me.

More than likely I won’t be seeing the movie. I read the books and that was enough for me. Were some parts pretty hot, sure. But there are other books that are better in the smut dept in my opinion. So off of this soapbox of mine for the night and I’m going to finish up a book and start working on a review. At some point I’d like to write out some more ideas and plots for what I’m working on. So you all have a good evening and take care.  Remember that because what somebody reads for enjoyment and entertainment isn’t your cup of tea doesn’t mean it’s wrong.

Wise woman once told me we can’t get mad at somebody for doing something we ourselves wouldn’t do. It’s a good saying to keep tucked away. 🙂


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