Free Books…who doesn’t love getting free books?

I don’t know about you, but getting a great deal on some books is thrilling. Getting an email informing me that I’m getting 3 copies of a book from a new to me author, like winning the lottery. Seriously.

I corner my husband in the kitchen and tell him I have great news. He automatically thinks “She’s got a job!” (though I’m not looking, he doesn’t want me to look, so this gal isn’t looking)…the look on his face when I tell him I got an email from Penguin Publishing. Then the question, “They’re going to publish your book?!”  No, that’s not even close to being done, don’t be silly. “I got FREE BOOKS!!” He just stands there looking at me, “So that’s your good news? No point to this story?” He’s not a bookworm so he just doesn’t get it. But I do, I know my fellow bookworms will get it. FREE BOOKS!!

So I will be soon having a giveaway to sort of pay it forward so to speak. Watch for an update on that and I’ll make sure to post to my FB page as well.

Oh!! Ha, ADD here…The book I will be getting is Anne Bishop’s Written In Red. She’s a new to me author, so I’ll be reading and reviewing as soon as I can.


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