Netflix, why must you get in the way of my reading time?

Normally I’m one of those people who can read, watch TV and play Words With Friends all at the same time without spilling my beverage (talented huh?). But lately, Netflix has sucked me in. Between American Horror Story (seasons 1 and 4 down, 2 and 3 are up next) and Black Mirror…I just can’t. They NEED my undivided attention.

I’m late to the party on AHS, but I’m hooked. In love with it, if these were books I’d devour them in 1 week. Are they books? I should do some digging, because if they are or if there are some written that are similar…I’ll 1-click the crap out of them. Seriously. AHS has me looking at my husband and saying “What?!” several times through each episode. I love how you just never really know what is going to happen, or when you guess but your guess is sort of horrifying and you hope it’s not gonna pan out but does.

Black Mirror. All I can say is holy crap. The feels dude. THE FEELS. The first episode I wasn’t sure at all about how this was going to pan out. Pig screwing? Seriously?! What I told my husband about the first episode, “If I had a thought bubble, it would have read ‘DAFUQ?!?!?!’ because I had no clue what I was watching, it was that messed up.”  But the 2nd episode had me sobbing (I’m not a crier AT ALL, that gal who’s laughing when somebody gets blown to bits…that’s me). So I was only able to do 2 episodes each night. 3 episodes per season and there is only 2 seasons. So it was a quick watch. The first and last episodes were my least favorites, but the rest were fantastic! Very Twilight Zone but the sort that pulls at your feelers. If you haven’t watched these yet, watch them. Then hit me up to talk about them because they are dark and interesting and I know of nobody else who has seen these and I want to talk about them!!!

black mirror

I am bound and determined to get my Burned by KMM finished. I started off strong but life (and Netflix) got in the way *shakes fist at Netflix*.


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