Hard & Fast by Ana Gabriel

Hard and fast

I received a copy of this from netgalley for an honest review, thank you!

I was drawn into this book immediately and read it in one sitting. Rose pulled me in and kept me turning the pages. Struggling actress dealing with financial ruin and gets lined up for a job as a personal assistant to a hunky star. This book was set up to be fabulous and I don’t feel the author missed the mark with it.

The parts that dropped this to a 4 star read for me was how Rose was pretty selfish. But I realize that it’s part of a growth thing for character development. With this being a pretty short read, it came across as more selfish/whiny more than anything. And that just irked me. If this had been a bit longer with more time to drag out some character development and she had time to work on that selfishness a bit more…would have thrown it to a 5 star read for sure. I just loved Dean Cole, besides being yummy in the most delicious way…he’s got a heart. He wasn’t the alpha sort in a domineering way (actually Rose was more dominate and alpha in my opinion) and that was a nice break from the typical erotic romances.

The love scenes were HOT and well written. I didn’t feel that they were totally out of the realm of reality, never was I rolling my eyes saying “Suuuuuuuurrree, uh huh.”

This story had me on a rollercoaster of emotions the entire ride, giddy, heartbroken, angry and in the end content. I cannot wait for the next book. This one did not end in a cliffhanger but it looks like more to come from this world Gabriel has created and I’m excited for the ride.

I would most definitely recommend this to a friend, or anybody who would listen to me gush about books really.


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