So humbled…..

I have made incredible connections to fellow bloggers, book lovers/reader and authors. Boy has it been amazing and inspirational. With reviving my blogging and reviewing, they have reached out to me. Pimping my site for me, offering to host giveaways to garner followers for my pages…it’s amazing…and so humbling. The fact that they are reaching out and supporting me without even asking and being excited about it all…mind blown and heart full.

These people keep me chugging along on my reading/reviews and though they don’t know it but also in my writing. To see how excited and how much they love books and reading; it makes this girl want to hurry up and get my stuff done! A few of my friends who blog have written and had their stories published. That is amazing! Following some authors on their journeys in writing and venturing out of their comfort zone has inspired me to step outside mine and allow somebody to read a little of my unedited, unpolished writing (if you know me, this is HUGE).

I know I tell them all the time that they rock my socks but I need to put it out there for all to see because these people are my tribe. They accept my quirks, my opinions, my snark and support me in everything.

Then there are the people who follow my pages, the fact that you find anything I write interesting is amazing lol. I love reading and books so much, so being able to share thoughts on an author, a book, heck a movie…anything related to a book is fabulous and thank you for taking your time to check me out. I know my thoughts aren’t always the most coherent and I tend to be all over the place (thank you ADD!!), but it’s what makes me quirky and well me. So thanks for bearing with it all 🙂

I hope you are enjoying the ride and thank you all 🙂


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