I was thinking….which is never a good thing

As I’m sitting here drinking my coffee and trying to wake up while my boys are recreating the last Monday Night RAW they watched I’m thinking. Which is difficult when you aren’t a morning person.
I’m going through my FB newsfeed to search for the Kindle Freebie postings. I generally find a few, most I have downloaded already. ¬†Should I start posting freebies on my blog to let others know? Should I not do that?

Also, I’m thinking I need to do a giveaway of something soon. I’ll think of what to giveaway, but it’ll be good ūüôā


Summah, Summah, Summah Time!!

Now read that title with the tune of ‘Summer Time’ by Will Smith and you are now welcome (I just KNOW it’s stuck in your head).

I have been trying to keep up my reading pace this summer, with 4 kids in activities that is no small feat. But I AM getting it done. I have finished up the October Daye Series since my last post, I’ve read the 2 books in the Ripple Creek Werewolves Series by Keri Arthur, read the final book in the Jane True Series, and I just finished today Tiger Magic by Jennifer Ashley. I have many many many book reviews to write, but just no time to write them. I WILL get to them though.

I’ve started Obsession by Jennifer Armentrout *squeals like a 14 yr old who just spotted Justin Bieber!!* I have been waiting to get to this book and I finally did!!

I hope everybody had a wonderful July 4th and enjoying the summer days and nights.

Take care!!


Book Hangover?

Do you ever don’t feel like reading? I’m sitting on my bed, sort of watching TV (Married to Medicine was insane for a 1st season!) and realized that I don’t really feel like reading tonight. I pushed through Lone Wolf because I really wanted to read Ellison’s story. But now I’m just…blah.

I’m going to blame it on Sookie. So would I call this Sookieitis? This feels all sorts of wrong! I need to get over this, there are books that need reading (I’m like 1 book away from hoarder status when it comes to my bedroom…it’s UNREAL). ¬†I’ve even let a few book loans expire. How sad is that?

Does this happen to you after a big let down? ¬†I almost want to cleanse my reading¬†palette with something different. What that different is, I don’t know. Hhmmphf!

Book Break

I don’t know about you, but after coming off a series that is not so great (not horrible though) I have this gross blah feeling. I have to take a few days to mentally take a break otherwise the books I read after whatever I felt that let me down, I just don’t get into them.¬†

For example, I just came off reading 3 books of The Mortal Instruments series.They weren’t horrible but they weren’t great. I tried picking up Queen of Shadows by Dianne Sylvan last night and I just couldn’t do it. I closed my book and turned on Married to Medicine on Bravo…bitches be fighting!…and let my brain turn to mush.¬†

What books do this to you? Give you the book let down?